I bet you didn’t know that Chamonix, the great tourist resort surrounded by Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe was the site of the world’s first Olympics.
Yep, it’s true, and the year was 1924. Anyway you should look at it now. Vive la France and all that. Chamonix has morphed into one of the finest year ‘round’ resorts in the world. Yes you know all about the winter possibilities, what with the skiing and all; but are you aware of the sporting possibilities in summer?ber of hiking and mountain biking trails at a relatively low altitude. These run along the valley floor or flanks and present nothing less than a center of discovery.

These trails run along delightful villages, chapels, oratories, ancient bread ovens and much more. There are trails that follow river banks; the Arve, the 'Petits Balcons', the Bois du Bouchet, the Argentière morraine, are just a few worthy of mention.

Naturally at higher altitudes, access to trails depends upon snow conditions. It is preferable to contact the'Office de Haute Montagne', opposite the Saint Michel Church. There you will be advised on the best and safest itineraries for this time of year. This service also provides weather forecasts, maps, guide books, cassettes, but above all, invaluable first-hand information.