France`s ten best summer festivals
France`s ten best summer festivals

Summer in France is a pleasure wherever you go, but if you time things
right you can also take in some wonderful events and festivals. Let`s take
a look at a completely unofficial Top Ten, in no particular order...

Nice Jazz Festival

Running for over 60 years, this is one of the biggest and most anticipated
Jazz festivals on the annual music calendar. Legends like Louis Armstrong,
Dizzy Gillespie and Herbie Hancock have graced its stages and the modern
festivals attract the brightest and best from all over the world.

Les Chorrgies d`Orange

France`s oldest and perhaps grandest festival, this takes place just a
short trip north of Marseille and features an impressive program of music
and opera. The festival takes place in an old Roman theatre   giving the
whole event an epic feel.


Avignon is home to the most romantic event of the French summer   the Rose
Festival. Thousands of varieties and a beautiful setting make this a
perfect day out for a couple on a romantic break. Why not spend a few days
in either the Marseille area or in one of the beautiful villas in Languedoc and use
 that as a base to spend some time at the enchanting
festival of roses.

The Cannes Festival

For an altogether more exciting and glamorous event, try the star studded
Cannes Festival. The perfect place for catching the latest Hollywood
films, exciting independent premiers and for doing a little bit of
Superstar spotting. Just be sure to dress for the occasion.

Bastille Day

To truly celebrate the French way, you have to do it on their own day of
celebration. A giant, nationwide event with fireworks, parties, grand
displays and great food and wine everywhere. Military displays, marching
bands and air-shows by day, followed by France`s biggest party night of
the year after dark.

FFte de la Musique

This, like Bastille Day is another nationwide French event. Music is the
centre of this celebration with professionals and amateurs alike taking to
the pubs and the streets for a musical celebration of French culture. Any
style goes   it`s all about the fun and pleasure of live music and dance.

The Paris Summer Arts Festival

This is a mixture of film, music and spoken arts that takes a number of
forms. There are open air lectures and readings, live music and films of
all types and styles being shown in cinemas across the city. Much of the
action takes place in the many beautiful parks of Paris. With so much to
see and do, this event could really take up a whole week of activities.

L`Armada de la Libertt

Held at the quayside of Rouen, this event brings together a huge fleet of
over 50 ships of all shapes and sizes for a maritime event like no other.
The fleet makes its way down the river Seine before settling in Rouen to
allow tours across all of the boats. Sailing boats, battleships and all
other manner of craft can be seen all in the one place. The event ends
with a spectacular fireworks display over the water.

Les Eurockkennes

An event that is becoming known as France`s version of Glastonbury, this
event is an ever growing annual music festival held in Belfort. Pulling in
top talent from the world of Rock Music, this multi-day festival is
becoming one of the live music destinations of the summer. Expect huge
crowds and big names headlining once again this year.

The Avignon Festival

The 63rd annual festival of dance and theatre, this one has a real
international feel. With many dance displays and theatrical events making
their premier here, this is dance and theatre`s answer to the Cannes
Festival. A strong showing here can lead to international success, so
expect to see some ground-breaking performances.

Check for all the confirmed dates closer to your trip and make sure you
don`t miss out.